Sewer Repair

The cause of most backups lies outside the home in the pipes leading away from the building.  Detecting these backups usually requires the use of specialized equipment and trained personnel.  All too often, companies will insist that a camera inspection is done even when there is no need for one.  This is so that the call generates a sizeable invoice whether the company gets the repair business or not.


Old Towne Plumbing promises that we will NEVER recommend any procedure unless we have very good reason to do so.  We will also share this reasoning with you, our customer, so you fully understand the situation and your choices.



That said, if necessary, Old Towne Plumbing has a complete arsenal of equipment for inspecting, cleaning and repairing all drains and sewers to quickly solve your problem.

So if you are having sewer problems, give us a call at 714-532-6274 for fast service at a fair price.